Since I’m starting a new series, much research is required! So my research assistant and I recently took a trip to Montgomery, Alabama, the home of the Shades of Death. I was very fortunate to be able to interview some very important people who will be helping me keep my characters straight!

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  1. I have just discovered you and your books. I would really like to read The Blackest Crimson. However, I don’t own a kindle, don’t want one. I like the books in my hands. Is it available in book form? I have already ordered “A Deeper Grave”.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    It’s great to hear from you! The Blackest Crimson is a short story, about 50 pages, so it’s only available in ebook. You can download it to your computer or your smart phone with a kindle app. If you have trouble doing that, please email me at


  3. I have just found you on my second book.I’m bad about finding author them the books in order. I have 10 now and just starting on my second book.

    Priscilla riley

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