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Follow Deputy Chief Jess Harris Burnett on Her Next Case

Faces of Evil: Private Eyes

Coming September 2016


Birmingham’s Deputy Chief Jess Harris Burnett has decided to stop chasing serial killers and the many faces of evil. She is opening a private investigations firm. With her background as an FBI profiler, she can help solve the most difficult cases. But is she only fooling herself about leaving the faces of evil behind?


Dark Whispers





Dark Whispers (Faces of Evil: Private Eyes Book One)

Would you recognize the signs if you were losing your mind?

Natalie Drummond shot an intruder but there’s no body—there’s no gun. Could she have imagined the whole episode? Natalie is desperate and the police can’t help since there is no evidence of a crime. Can former detective turned private investigator Clint Hayes help her find the truth before her imagination gets her killed?


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